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  1. With Troy Landry, R.J. Molinere, Junior Edwards, Liz Cavalier. Welcome to one of America's last frontiers: the wild swamplands of Southern Louisiana, a place whose history stretches back to the 17th century. It's the start of the most exciting-and dangerous-time of year for the swampers, the month-long alligator season. During this 30 day window, swampers make most of their annual income.
  2. Swamp People's Zamariah ZZ Loupe entered the world of reality tv fame when he was on Trading Spouses at the age of seven. His time spent with a vegan mom was defined by defiance and more than a little animal eating! 4 Even The Good Ones Are Bad! Via monstersandcritics.com
  3. Swamp People is one of the many popular reality television shows over the History Channel. It started broadcasting in 2010 and replicates the life of the alligator hunters of Louisiana. For brief information, the entire asset cost of all the star cast of Swamp People totals up to $6 million
  4. Swamp People cast 2020 and Their Salaries. Willie Edwards from Swamp People: Age, Net Worth, Wiki-Bio and Facts Swamp people cast Junior Edwards: Biography, Wiki
  5. Swamp People is on its eleventh season in 2020. The new season of Swamp People dropped on January 23 this year and fans are wondering what happened to Bruce Mitchell from Swamp People. Bruce Mitchell first appeared on the second season of the series and appeared consistently until Season 6
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  7. Meet the cast of Swamp People on HISTORY. Get season by season character and cast bios and more only on HISTORY

#SwampPeople 'Swamp People' is a hit reality show with many talented cast members who hunt Alligators in the swamps of Louisiana. What many may not know is t.. She appeared on the show, Swamp People until 2015, when the show's producers were replaced with new ones. The new people in-charge booted off about a dozen people who appeared on the show, along with Liz. The show is still airing on Thursdays, but fans are missing Liz on Swamp People

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Love Swamp People? Stay up to date on all of your favorite History shows at http://history.com/schedule. Glenn Guist returns to his house for the first time. Watch all new episodes of Swamp People Thursdays 9/8c, and stay up to date on all of your favorite History Channel shows at https://history.com/schedule When..

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He featured on the swamp people for about 70 episodes. Sources estimate that the average salary of a hunter was approximately $ 10,000. In addition to this, Willie and his father were also commercial fishermen. At the point of writing, Willie Edwards and his father's net worth stood at $500,000 All of the hunters on Swamp People obtain the necessary tags and licenses to go after their gators, which is a huge business. Alligators breed rather easily — a single female will lay 30-50 eggs every spring, which she then buries in rotting vegetation Swamp people Ashley Jones and husband Chad are so amazing together, even with their busy schedule, they find time for themselves and their children. READ Tommy Chauvin's Wikipedia, Age, Married, bio and facts Terral Evans stars in HISTORY's series Swamp People. Find out more about Terral Evans and the rest of the cast on HISTORY

Meet the cast and learn more about the stars of of Swamp People with exclusive news, photos, videos and more at TVGuide.co Jeromy Pruitt is most likely known for his time on the History's Channel's Swamp People. The show focused on a series of brave American gator hunters who set out during gator season in search of some of the deadliest predators in the world. From 2013 to 2016, Jeromy was a regular member of the show. He has 51 episodes to his name already The stepson of the famous alligator hunter, Troy Landry, Brandon has chosen a different path for himself, and isn't such an avid hunter. However, he still made a few appearances in the famous series Swamp People between 2012 and 2014. So who is Brandon Landry, what is his birth date, and what does he do for a living The Great Dismal Swamp maroons were people who inhabited the marshlands of the Great Dismal Swamp in Virginia and North Carolina after escaping enslavement.Although conditions were harsh, research suggests that thousands lived there between about 1700 and the 1860s. Harriett Beecher Stowe told the maroon people's story in her 1856 novel Dred: A Tale of the Great Dismal Swamp Simulating the life depicted on the hit History™ show Swamp People, set-up camp in the deepest reaches of the swamp and prepare yourself to hunt and race through the bayous. Learn the ways of swamp, survive deadly encounters with its residents, and show your friends you're the best swamper on the leaderboard

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He is best known for the TV series, Swamp People. Apart from his TV life, Junior Edwards also doubles up as an alligator hunter. You might be tempted to think his life is all about rock and rolling in a celebrity world, but there is more than just the TV This Swamp People cast has made a lot of money from the show and other hustles. Currently, Swamp People cast Pat Duke net worth is $700,000. Pat Duke's salary is about $5,000 per season. Ron Methvin salary and net worth. Authoritative sources state that Ron Methvin net worth is more than $200,000. He makes a little over $60,000 and has made a. Swamp People New Season. Swamp people being the popular show it is, already has ten seasons. The last episode of the 10th season aired on the January 31 of 2019. And the season 11 of the show has already been announced to be aired in 2020 on January 23

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When Swamp People premiered in 2010, it seemed like the exploitative reality drama about Cajuns that the world needed. Unfortunately, over the first eight seasons, it has evolved into a parody of itself as more viewers have become savvy to its manipulative editing techniques Swamp People fans took it to the Edgar Family Facebook page to send their condolences to the family. Dwaine Edgar on his mother's death anniversary. Daniel Edgar has not yet re-married after his wife's death. There are also no records linking him to a dating relationship Duffy's Shell Station is a family owned service station run by Troy when he is not gator hunting. The station is named after Troy's father Duffy. It is located right at home in Pierre Part, Louisiana on Highway 70. During the long alligator offseason, it's likely that Troy will be behind the counter selling the store's wide variety of goods. Duffy's, being in a small town, offers more than the. Swamp People star Randy Edwards has passed away at the age of 35 from a fatal car crash. The Facebook fan page for Junior and Willie Edwards shared the information today with followers. Randy was the son of Junior and Theresa Edwards Now they bring their culture to reality TV on History Channel's Swamp People. Troy Landry, with his thick accent, dad fashion, and dad jokes, became the show's star after it premiered in 2010. Ten seasons in and Troy is still the favorite Landry of the lot, and we've got Troy Landry's wiki because, let's face it, you want all the scoop on the King of the Swamp

He is best known for the TV series, Swamp People. Apart from his TV life, Junior Edwards also doubles up as an alligator hunter. You might be tempted to think his life is all about rock and rolling in a celebrity world, but there is more than just the TV Swamp People ushered in a new era of reality television.The series, which follows alligator hunters from several Southern states, trod on the heels of hit shows like Deadliest Catch and Ice Road Truckers. It also brought a mix of curious characters and unusual lifestyles into living rooms across the globe. The show's success did not come without pushback Swamp People is a popular television series on the History Channel. The show basically revolves around a number of alligator hunters who make their livings in the swamps. They venture into the swamps of south Louisiana in an attempt to hook large alligators which are then shot and brought to the mainland and sold for their skins

TERREBONNEPARISH, La. -- R.J. and Jay Paul Molinere, two of the stars of the Louisiana-based reality show Swamp People, were arrested on battery charges, stemming from a fight at a convenience. R.J. Molinere stars in HISTORY's series Swamp People. Find out more about R.J. Molinere and the rest of the cast on HISTORY Swamp People cast Zak Catchem Life on Swamp People: Zak joined the reality TV series Swamp people in its 10th season. Zak's television debut came in 2019 in Swamp People Serpent Invasion and he has been with the series ever since. The spin-off series focused on local hunters from Florida who were brought in to solve the Python problem

Swamp People first premiered on History on August 22, 2010. The most recent season premiered in January. Swamp People airs Thursdays at 9pm ET/PT on the History Channel One of the things that separates Swamp People from the myriad other reality shows that follow people doing unorthodox/dangerous jobs is the nature of alligator hunting.In Louisiana, where the show was originally based, alligator hunting season only lasts 30 days. Although that tradition goes back several centuries, it seems tailor-made for a reality show competition as all of the gator hunters.

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Swamp People star Bruce Mitchell Learning the tricks of the trade: Bruce's earliest exposure to gator hunting came when he started to work on Kliebert's Alligator & Turtle Farm. This was back in 1980 when he was still a greenhorn in the world of gator hunting. The farm belonged to the father of his then-girlfriend, Janet Kilbert When Swamp People's Troy Landry shoots a big gator, he breaks out into the Alligator Shuffle (just see Season 1). You'll be in the dancing mood, too, when you attend the Sunday Fais-do-do at Vermilionville Living History Museum & Folklife Park Swamp People know what's at stake when it comes to hunting gators. Down in the Bayou, these hunters risk everything to put food on their families table. Hopeful they can tag out, but down is the swamp they live hard and hunt harder. Rep your fandom in exclusive Swamp People merchandise. With t-shirts, mugs and phone c Swamp People is a fun game to play once you figure out the controls and how to pull gators out of the water. The instructions need a bit of improving. The game was updated several times to fix bugs but each fix seemed to generate new bugs. The welcome screen graphics are great and the play field graphics are good Swamp People - Ten Deadliest Hunts: Over six series, the Louisiana Swamp People have risked life and limb chasing monster alligators. Relive their ten most life-threatening hunts. 0 - Swamp Christmas. Join a fun-filled Christmas on the bayou as the swampers hunt for traditional delicacies,.


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  1. Swamp People on History. 2.1M likes. Official Swamp People Facebook page. Twitter: @SwampPeople IG: OfficialSwampPeopl
  2. Mitchell Guist, a star of the reality TV show Swamp People, died Monday in Louisiana. He was aboard a boat near Belle River Landing in the southern part of the state when he appeared to have.
  3. Swamp People Junior Edwards Wiki-Bio, Age. Very little is known about the community of people depicted in the series. In fact, instead of exposing their lives to the world, the Swamp people have often appeared as a mysterious people, somehow managing to keep their tiny little secrets from the glare of cameras
  4. Atchafalaya Basin may not be Louisiana's biggest city, but it certainly has a big draw. History Channel fans know the town well as the host to the hit show, Swamp People.We sat down to have a chat with Troy Landry, King of the Swamp and one of our personal favorite gator hunter
  5. g back. Check if it is available to stream online via Where to Watch. 14 Best Feel-Good Shows. For anyone who needs a pick-me-up
  6. 21.6k Followers, 20 Following, 188 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Swamp People (@swamppeople
  7. Swamp People - TV Debut. Troy was cast to appear in the reality TV series Swamp People, which premiered on 22 August 2010 on History Channel. The show focuses not only on Landry, but also on other Louisiana-based hunters, who risk their lives catching gators in Atchafalaya River Basin's swamps

Swamp People's Troy Landry Lives a Luxe Life At Home. Tiffany Raiford 5 years ago. Troy Landry might not seem like the kind of man who likes the finer things in life when you see him in his. Swamp People: Terral Evans had been involved with Swamp People ever since the series first aired in 2010. When the management changed hands at the end of season six, Terral was one of the guys who was asked to leave the set. And while Terral wasn't as vocal as the Gator Queen, he left the show dissatisfied STORY: 'Swamp People' Star Mitchell Guist Dies on Louisiana River LaFont is reportedly being held on $1,500 bond. History, which airs the show about a group of Louisiana alligator hunters in the. Watch full episodes of Swamp People and get the latest breaking news, exclusive videos and pictures, episode recaps and much more at TVGuide.co

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  1. Swamp People: Big Gator Rewards for Troy and Terrel. 05:15. HISTOR
  2. High quality Swamp People gifts and merchandise. Inspired designs on t-shirts, posters, stickers, home decor, and more by independent artists and designers from around the world. All orders are custom made and most ship worldwide within 24 hours
  3. Swamp People. TVPG • Documentaries • Reality • TV Series • 2010. Deep in the heart of Louisiana lies America's largest swamp--a million miles of inhospitable bayous, marshes and wetlands where nature rules and humans struggle to tame it. Start watching Swamp People
  4. Is Swamp People renewed 2020-2021? We have the most reliable information on whether Swamp People is cancelled or renewed for the 2020 2021 season or beyond. See below to discover whether there be Season 12 of Swamp People! Status: Ongoing/Awaiting Decision. Series Run: August 22, 2010
  5. Swamp People dives into the lives of Louisiana swampers during the most crucial time of their year: alligator hunting season. $24.99. SD HD HD selected. Buy season pass. Buy season pass and get all current and future episodes of season 7 Can't play on this device. Check system requirements

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Swamp People S11 E86: Casanova Gator 43:19 Apr 15, 2020. Watch on Global App. Swamp People S11 E85: Airboat Armada 43:20 Apr 1, 2020. Watch on Global App. Swamp People S11 E83: Deadeye Driver 43:19 Mar 25, 2020. ADVERTISEMENT. No Results. Please adjust filters. Load More. On-Air Upcoming Episodes Swamp People offers several gameplay options, including an eight-scenario campaign and a free hunting mode. In addition to participating in hunting, players can take care of the expansion of their camp, as well as buying and improving hunting equipment Swamp People stars RJ Molinere and son Jay Paul Molinere Professional Career: RJ Molinere has been with the reality TV series Swamp people ever since it first aired in 2010. Over the years, RJ polished his skills to the extreme which made him one of the best gator hunters in the business. RJ's tracking ability and physical prowess is second.

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  2. Swamp People on History. 2,1 mill. liker dette. Official Swamp People Facebook page. Twitter: @SwampPeople IG: OfficialSwampPeopl
  3. As the season ramps up, Joey and Zak stake out game trails to nab deer-eating gators. After he's sabotaged by angry locals, Ronnie recruits Terral to help him get back into his prized honey hole
  4. Swamp People is an American reality series that was first broadcast on History on August 22, 2010. The show follows the day-to-day activities people living in the swamps of the Atchafalaya River Basin who hunt American alligators for a living.. As of April 17, 2020, 197 episodes of Swamp People have aired, concluding the eleventh season
  5. Swamp People, Season 10 2019 Swamp People, Season 9 2018 Viewers Also Bought See All. Surviving the Cut, Season 2 2011 Swamp Brothers, Season 1 2011 Diners, Drive-ins and Dives, Season 21 2014 Man, Woman, Wild, Season 2 2011 Swamp Wars, Season 3 2013 Border Wars, Season 5 2012 Top Nonfiction Show

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  1. From the Louisiana Atchafalaya Basin Swamps to national television is your favorite Swamp People, The Landry Gang. Troy Landry along with his sons Jacob, Chase and Brandon together make up this alligator hunting team
  2. g location and Pat Duke acts as the narrator. The series has gained popularity among fans and [
  3. As week one comes to a close, Troy and Terral protect a friend's fish camp with the help of their ace-in-the-hole sniper. The Edwards boys go toe-to-toe with a heavyweight gator known as The Champ
  4. Day three of the month-long alligator season in Louisiana finds the hunters working at a frantic pace to fill their tags. King of the Swamp, Troy Landry and Master hunter, Junior Edwards are following identical strategies; by putting their sons on a second boat with a specific mission: Catch Big Gators
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Each season, Swamp People follows different teams of alligator hunters. And no team is has endeared us more over the years than the Bayou Sorrel Edwards. Willie Edwards has been going strong on the series since the pilot episode Swamp People Season 8 officially ended after Thursday's Swamp People Everglades premiere. Like so many of you, I didn't want this season to end. There were so, so many great and unforgettable moments that happened. And despite the trial

Swamp People Cast deaths Randy Edwards: Randy Edwards was the youngest son of Junior Edwards. The reality star rose to fame following his appearance in the series Swamp People. A fan-favorite Randy has been around the scene ever since its first episode aired on the 22nd of August 2010 Randy Edward from swamp people left behind a wife and three children. He had one daughter and two sons, all of who featured on the show. We were not able to uncover the names of his wife and children as the star preferred to keep his family out of the limelight. Randy Edwards Age, Parents, Family, Siblings, wiki-bio, facts Tyler's owner Janet Mitchell -- Swamp People star Bruce Mitchell's wife -- says the dog's heart gave out around 1 am Monday morning after a 3-year battle with congestive heart failure

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Swamp People is an American reality series that debuted on History on August 22, 2010. The show follows the day-to-day activities for several Cajuns living in the Atchafalaya River Basin swamp in Louisiana, USA who hunt American alligators for a living A swamp is a forested wetland. Swamps are considered to be transition zones because both land and water play a role in creating this environment. Swamps vary in size and are located all around the world. The water of a swamp may be fresh water, brackish water, or seawater Swamp People recap: Stank catches gators, Casanova, Little Willie can shoot and Terral's swelled head; Willie is married to Sherrie Edwards and they have three children, daughter Michaela and.

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The Swamp People cast members in 2020 season include: 1. Troy Landry. Image: history.com Source: UGC. Troy Landry is one of the key highlights in the 2020 season. Unlike in other seasons, the predators are closer home, and he has one job — to keep his family safe Find GIFs with the latest and newest hashtags! Search, discover and share your favorite Swamp People GIFs. The best GIFs are on GIPHY Would love to go see the people in person,but would not go Gator Hunting, I'm not that brave,besides I like my 10 fingers and 10 toes!! I have the whole collection of Swamp People. I like them all. I sure would help them eat some crayfish,crabs,Smoked Gar, Frogs,and Gators! Season 11 of Swamp People captures his first experiences with this alluring line of work. Article continues below advertisement. Meet Little Willie, one of the youngest alligator-hunters on 'Swamp People.' Willie's clumsy appearance and hesitant demeanor might not make him the best-endowed hunter out there

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Swamp People Season 3. From $32.99. Swamp People Season 1. $18.99. Available on. HoloLens PC Mobile device Xbox 360 Description. At the outer edge of America, lies the nation's largest swamp-- a hidden world where nature rules and man fights back. The way of life has changed little since Cajuns first. A swamp biome. Swamps are temperate, murky biomes. There are two variants in the biome family. 1 Description 2 Variants 2.1 Swamp 2.1.1 Swamp Hills 3 Data values 3.1 ID 4 History 5 Gallery 6 See also 7 References Swamps are mostly flat biomes, with elevations low enough to go below sea level throughout much of the area. Large portions of swamps are flooded, from marsh-like patches of single. Swamp People TV Show T-Shirts & Costumes. Dats a Treeshakah! Only a true fan of Swamp People would know what that is. If you're a fan, you should check out our selection of Swamp People merchandise! We've got shirts that are sure to please anyone who enjoys gators and the act of chasing them. All of our Swamp People merchandise is officially. Swamp People on History. 2,1 mill. likar. Official Swamp People Facebook page. Twitter: @SwampPeople IG: OfficialSwampPeopl Swamp People Season 3. From CAD $32.99. Swamp People Season 1. CAD $15.99. Available on. HoloLens PC Mobile device Xbox 360 Description. At the outer edge of America, lies the nation's largest swamp-- a hidden world where nature rules and man fights back. The way of life has changed little since Cajuns first.

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Swamp People Season 2 (1) 2011 16+ The hidden world of the Atchafalaya Swamp is their Eden. It's a terrain where nature rules - and history lives. Master gator hunters Troy Landry and Junior Edwards return for a second season of Cajun-style survival. Starring Pat Duke Genres Documentary, Drama, Unscripted Subtitle Swamp People, any Season, is my all-time ultimate favorite!! I have seen every show they've made, every short they made, the bloopers, and the cooking! I have all the dvds- 3 of them signed by Troy himself. It has all the excitement, suspense, and intrigue you will ever need! Fanpop community fan club for Swamp People fans to share, discover content and connect with other fans of Swamp People. Find Swamp People videos, photos, wallpapers, forums, polls, news and more SWAMP PEOPLE: Cow Killers See All Videos. Contributors Become a contributor. Become a contributor; More Info About This Show. Categories. Documentary, Reality. Themes

They are Swamp People, inheritors of a tradition of self-reliance and fierce. HISTORY follows these swampers through the most important time of their year the thirty day alligator hunting season. The swampers give us an insight to the real meaning of American spirit, the lost art of doing things the right way as they preserve a dying way of life from the encroaching modern world In Season 5 of Swamp People on HISTORY, gator prices are at an all-time low, forcing swampers to have to fill more tags, take bigger risks and hunt beyond their home territories to have a successful season Swamp People is one of the best shows on television. My husband and I have never missed a show and watch all the reruns too. We enjoyed seeing some of the older cast also. Not too crazy about the elder Edgar or RJ and JPaul, but the change in cast doesn't stop us from watching every episode Back in print is the original Swamp Cookin' with The River People cookbook that has 5*Star Reviews. Among marshy Louisiana bogs crawling with gators and accessible only by boat, lies Honey Island Swamp, where there is always something boiling in a big pot, or frying on the outdoor burner, or smoking on the pit to feed the gathering of Swampers, aka ‎No, not that kind of swamp people. This isn't a show based on a B horror film. The Swamp People featured are the descendants of French-Canadian refugees who settled in Louisiana in the 18th century. Cameras follow members of this fiercely independent group as they struggle to preserve their way o

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Swamp People: Season 4 - Sneak Peek. Series 4, Episode 101 Unrated HD SD. As Hurricane Isaac hits on gator season's opening day, temperatures drop, eggs hatch prematurely and alligators go into retreat from the cold. HISTORY® introduces Season 4 of Swamp People® as the resolute crews face wild weather SWAMP PEOPLE follows Cajun fishers and trappers as they hunt alligators in the largest swamp in the United States. Hunters like Troy Landry and his son, Jacob; Junior Edwards and his son, Willie; and Joe LaFont and his stepson, Tommy Chauvin, go after gators in Southern Louisiana's Atchafalaya River Basin during the state's alligator hunting season in order to keep them from overpopulating the. Swamp People has made its return to the History Channel with its 10th season. The show follows French-Canadian descendants in Louisiana through the alligator-hunting season in the bayous and.

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